Creating Label and Envelope Merge Templates


Label and envelope merge templates are only slightly different to create than document templates. Although we only explore label templates here, creating envelope templates is very similar.


Here’s how to create a Label template in Word 2003. Instructions for Word 2007/2010 are in the next section.

Label Templates in Word 2003

  1. Start with a blank document

  2. [image]If not already visible, enable the Mail Merge toolbar. Choose View | Toolbars | Mail Merge

  3. Create the template by choosing Tools | Letters and Mailings | Mail Merge…


  4. On the Select document type step, select Labels and click Next: Starting Document


  5. [image]On the Select starting document step, choose Change document layout, then Label options…


  6. Select the Avery Label style and choose OK


Tip! You can close the Mail Merge panel at this point.


Tip! It may be helpful to show gridlines in the label template.


Choose Table | Show Gridlines.


  1. With the View Data workbook close at hand, add merge fields to the upper-left cell only

  2. After inserting the desired merge fields in the upper-left cell, click the Propagate Labels button on the Mail Merge toolbar.



Tip! Propagate Labels copies the fields from the upper-left

cell to the other cells on the page, plus it automatically inserts Next Record fields